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Fantasy Photoshoot GUIDE
How does it work?
The Complete Step By Step Guide


This Fantasy Photoshoot Guide should help you to clarify the steps you’re going through when you decide to shoot unusual fantasy stuff!

Most people don’t know exactly what a Fantasy Photoshoot is and how it’s organised.
I can understand this because it’s something particular and it’s simply something you’re not confronted with every day.
Let’s clarify!

1. Contact Me For A Discovery (Video)Chat

If we don’t get in touch, nothing is going to happen.
You can fill in the contact form so that I can help you better in choosing what we’re about to shoot.
You can tell me more about you too, to break the ice.

Afterwards, we will schedule a video chat or meet up to talk about the ideas and get to know each other.
It’s important that you feel completely at your ease.

If you want to book after the discovery chat, I gently ask you to pay your photoshoot in advance and sign the contract.


2. Choosing The Fantasy Outfit

Since I don’t have all the outfits at my home as I rent them from other artists as well,
we absolutely need to clear the ideas first and see what your size is.

I’m going to send you some outfits that could be right for what you’d like to do.
In some cases, I can create something for you too.
An artist with whom I love to work with is Kathleen Guérisse, you can find her interview here: Interview with Kathleen Guérisse – or see her website: www.generalguerisse.com.


A) If you’re a very decisive person and the outfit is ready,
it can take just a week to prepare everything needed.

B) If it takes longer to decide or the outfit isn’t ready yet,
then it may take up to a month to have everything available.

Photography der Sinne Fantasy Photography

3. Choosing The Shooting Location

When we know what we’re going to shoot, I can suggest what locations could be perfect for you. I can send you some link and pictures.


We’ll always see how bad it is. It’s just a thing we can decide on the morning of the photoshoot. If we have to reschedule – there is no problem to do so.


Usually, after you’re ready with your makeup, I drive you to the shooting location and you don’t have to bother about anything. Afterwards, we drive back where you got your makeup. Either at my place or yours.
This can vary from photoshoot to photoshoot. We’ll organize everything as comfy as possible.


4. Set A Date

The appointment is usually set after we could clear the points listed above. Seldomly I go the way back because so much can change in the meantime. I do so in order not to get both overwhelmed with the preparation.
Also, some locations are more crowded in some days – so we have to find a suitable date for the location you want to shoot in.

The Fantasy Photoshoot?

This can happen. I won’t be mad at you. Obviously the appointments should be taken seriously. We can reschedule 2 times for personal reasons.
If you have to completely cancel, the paid amount will become a money-voucher, valid for 2 years. Afterwards, it will expire.

Horned Headpiece With Feathers

5. Getting Ready For The Photoshoot

As listed on the points above, you can come to my place to get ready or I will come to your place – depending on where we are going to shoot.
I’ll do the makeup and help you get into your outfits. This will take around 1,5h. In the process, we will get to know each other. I always love this step. 🙂


Then please tell me asap! If you know you’re allergic to certain products, then please let me know, so that we can manage not to kill you.
I won’t take the responsibility for allergic reactions if you don’t know about or don’t tell me before. Fortunately, until now, I haven’t killed anyone for this reason.


6. The Fantasy Photoshoot

The Fantasy Photoshoot itself will take about 1h but if I see that we need some more time or if something inspires us especially – we’ll take some more time. Also if it starts to rain during the photoshoot, I’ll make sure we find an alternative.
I give you all the advice needed to look flawless. You can have a look at the pictures in the meanwhile too so that you can see what to improve and what already looks perfect. This is going to give you so much more confident about yourself. You can see the improvements from the beginning to the end.

Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot

7. The Fantasy Photographs

Fantasy photography is a lot of editing and retouching work. That’s why the photographs look so unusual and have very special colour tones.
Now you can sit back and look at what came out during the photoshoot. Here you have some F.A.Q.s about what is going to happen after the fantasy photoshoot.


You will get an awesome online photo gallery where you can see all the good pictures we took on the shooting day! Don’t worry – it’s password protected and no one is going to see it.


You will get a pre-selection in your gallery. Usually, you can count with 60 photographs edited with unusual fantasy colours already.

You can choose your favourite photos, and I will retouch them in my signature fantasy style.
You can choose as many as you have in the package but can add all you want for an additional fee.


You’ll get the pre-selection gallery of your pictures around 7 days after your shooting day, and the full edited photos delivered to your inbox, no later than 15 days from your decision date.

See the full FAQs here:

Shooting F.A.Q.s


8. The Prints & Photobox

It’s so important to make your fantasy photoshoot real and touchable.
That’s why I always print the photographs. They’re important! You should always be remembered of it and feel super confident.
I will give you 2-3 proposes and you can decide the colours of the photobox (only with the Deluxe Packaging) and if you want the prints on passepartout* or cardboard.
No later than 14 days after ordering, you will embrace your photographs at your place. ENJOY!

Fotobox Fantasy Photoshoot

Does THIS FANTASY PHOTOSHOOT GUIDE sound great to you?

Then contact me for a discovery call and let’s see if I can help you become the goddess you deserve to be!

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5 Tips For Your Sensual Fantasy PhotoShoot

A Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot is perfect for those ladies that want to take their sensuality to the next level! I know that you’re not a professional model. But that’s exactly why I love to shoot with you!

You will see that you can look like a top model too, without having any expertise!

Here you go with the first pro tips to shine like a star the day of you Sensual Fantasy Shoot!

Eat Healthy and Enough

It’s extremely important to feel energetic and light on your shooting day. Try not to eat anything that will make you feel bloated or weak afterwards. So yes to vegetables and fruits, and nope to tons of pasta and a chocolate dessert! Of course, make sure you eat enough though.

Be Well Groomed

It’s important you already look good when you come to have your makeup done. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the hairdressers or cosmetologist the days before we shoot or you can’t shoot if you have some pimples on your skin. I have that problem too and I know that skin impurity should be abolished. But it doesn’t take so much to look well-groomed though. Just make sure you don’t have ruined nail polish, messy or dirty hair. Very basic!

Don’t Shave or Wax The Same Day of Your Fantasy Photoshoot

It sounds strange, but especially for a sensual shoot, where more skin is going to be seen: Please please please don’t shave or wax the same day of your photoshoot! There is no way out: Your skin is going to look irritated and it doesn’t make any sense. Just do it a day before, so that your skin can relax for some time and you will look flawless on the photographs. Another tip for shaving and waxing: If you want you can get rid of your forearm hair too if you wish. Most of the time it’s totally not necessary, especially if your hair is not very dark or thick. But on photographs, it’s probable that they could disturb you. In this case, waxing is better than shaving. 😉

Leave Your Jewellery at Home

Jewellery is nice but could be a very bad fit for your photoshoot. Especially if the colours don’t match with the outfit. You can put them away in a tiny box while we shoot, but at home, you know for sure they are safe and don’t run the risk to get lost in the forests. So better leave them home. Total no-gos are definitely festival bracelets. I know it hurts, but you will have to be brave and cut them off for your photoshoot. Sorry!

Wear Super Comfortable Clothes

With super comfortable I’m talking about leggings and shirts. Nothing fancy literally. It’s so less stressful if you can change the outfit fast and easily when you’re ready. So if you come with super comfy clothes, it’s simply so much better than wearing jeans and complicated outfits. For the Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot, it’s perfect to wear black underwear. Make sure not to wear “big” panties, otherwise, they will pop out every move you make, and they’re not so flattering. Let’s chat about this when we decide what you want to wear for your photoshoot!

Go To The Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot

Go and reserve your date to become a sexy beast and take home with you a whole new self-esteem!
Contact me to get your self-esteem to the next level!

Not sure enough? See how a fantasy photoshoot works here!

Cascate di Riva in Campo Tures – Magic Places in South Tyrol

This post will lead you through the magic places of South Tyrol’s forests and into one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the region: The “Cascate di Riva”. After a long time in lockdown here in Italy, I decided to go on location scouting again to find out what beautiful locations we have here in South Tyrol! “The Cascate di Riva” in Campo Tures was perfect to do the first location scouting after quarantine.

The Smell Of The Woods

It’s been so much time since my last real walk into the woods. It’s been so much time since I went for a longer walk tho. I’m a nature lover, but I’m not so adventurous and don’t need big hikes and climbing peaks. I’m rather that kind of person that enjoys to sit on a bench in the woods and eat an apple and walking slowly through it. I forgot how the woods smell! The wild smell of the timber is so relaxing. For the first time, I enjoyed mosquitos flying on my skin! And again I appreciated watching small animals walking on my same path. I forgot about all this.

The Greenest Green I’ve Ever Seen!

It felt like being on a holiday! The colours were almost different than they used to be before the lockdown. Of course, because the lockdown came in March. We had snow in March… So we went directly from winter to summer without even notice. The green of the leaves has never been so green to me! It was like they were fluorescent! The heavy thoughts and the point that we couldn’t even go out for a walk until the middle of April had a big impact on how I see nature now. In fact, I never welcomed a longer walk like now on May 21st 2020.

I became even more aware of what beautiful place I live in. It might sound nonsense: But now more than ever I love to “stay at home”. I want to discover our beautiful South Tyrol first and I want to go on holiday here. I’m in love with where I live and want to take other people to this beautiful place.

A Break To Enjoy This Spot

After me and my boyfriend left the car in the parking lot (that was quite far away because we didn’t get there was a closer one – we’re ALWAYS bothered about parking!) and after 15 minutes of a very slow walk, we arrived at this spot here! Where “normal” people see just another piece of wood, I see the most magical place on earth! The sun shined through the trees and the stones were covered in moss! It was simply marvellous. Obviously we had to stop and take photos like Asiatic tourists. Sorry, but I haven’t seen such a beautiful place for ages, okay!? And Asiatic tourists are so right to take so many pictures! Imagine how we would have enjoyed the lockdown

Enjoying The Enchanted Spot

This is us when we feel cringy in front of the camera. Amazing that it happens to me too!

I can understand so well when people say that they don’t feel confident in front of the camera. But I can reassure you that this happens to anyone that is not a model. That’s why to me it’s very important to create natural environments, relationships and situations. Especially with couples, where to authentically capture their moments is very important. When I shoot fantasy I try to inspire the model to feel the character she is and dig deep into feelings to make them come alive. But hey, here we are, as cringy as we all are in front of the camera! ;P

This is how we look good. It happens as well sometimes.


The Cascate di Riva / Reinbach-Wasserfällen

The clue moment was when we arrived at the waterfalls 5 minutes later! We could feel the cold arriving from there about 250 meters before! Awesome! The day was warm but not really hot… So the waterfalls to me felt like winter would be imminent. However, the Cascate di Riva or Reinbach-Wasserfälle were wonderful!! There are three, but unfortunately, we only had time to see two of them. Let me show you the first waterfall. So the one who is closer to the valley, and the perfect one to shoot near!

The Magical Forest Stairs

The paths in the calm forest of Campo Tures are magical, they remembered me of a fantasy movie. Maybe because fantasy, in the end, is more nature-related and realistic than we might think. If we think about Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, we’re reminded of fictional characters and invented stories. But let’s be honest: How much nature do you actually see? A LOT! The stairs made of rocks, that took over to the gravel just made me feel so comfortable and realized. I don’t know why but I know for sure that it was pure well-being to step through it.


Simple Rocks But Extraordinary Spots

What normal people see – what I see. These are all simple rocks, but I see amazing locations to shoot! Sometimes I imagine a couple, sometimes I imagine a spot to get married. Sometimes I dream of a beautiful fantasy creature just laying on the rocks or sitting on a majestic tree stump or log. I’d say that South Tyrol is plenty of these locations. But the Forest of Campo Tures has it all! From marvellous waterfalls to rocks, paths and a river. What else?


Another Break To Enjoy The Spot

Since I and my boyfriend are both picnic, healthy food and “Bella Vita” lovers, we just sat down on a bench and had an apple. Even though we had not a super-duper picnic It was so great. Nobody around and far away from the coronavirus. In the middle of South Tyrol’s posh nature. We loved the sight on the second waterfall too! And discovered that there is a waterfall fly lane! Both super excited about this said that we will return and have fun on the “Fly-Line Wasserfall“!


Paths, Trees and Stumps!

It seems like I’m seeing the forest for the first time. Not really, but it felt like that! I remembered again how enchanting it is to take a closer walk. A big reason why making longer walks or go to awesome places was not mine before quarantine, was because it felt frustrating. It felt frustrating to see beautiful spots but have nobody to photograph. But then I was enlightened by the fact that now, I could share photos without any subject (to me) and let you dream about your photoshoot in these places. For the first time in my life, I just took photos of a location. I won’t become a nature or landscape photographer and I won’t sell pictures as stock photos or wallpapers or whatever. It’s just all to inspire you and sharing what I like with you!


A Small Sheep Farm

In the end, we encountered some sheep too. Nothing fancy, but I love animals! So we obviously had to stop and take pictures. We stopped, I took photos and Patrick felt embarrassed. Not because I took photos, but because I spoke to the sheep making sheep noises so that they would understand. We got along well since they answered every question. *bruuuhh* Modestly my sheep language pronunciation was quite good. An who can resist to a small lamb jumping around? I couldn’t! I’m also very proud that in South Tyrol there are farms and happy animals, so I feel less guilty to buy or eat animal products that are local. Which I also rather try to avoid.


Let’s Have A Magical Day Together!

Do you like these places? Could you imagine to have a fantasy shoot here? Then let’s plan it together!

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Self-Esteem Improvement Through Photography – Simple Tips

Self-Esteem Boosting Through Photography – with valuable
everyday tips!


Hey, nice to see you here!

In this post, you will find a lot of valuable, NOT obvious tips from someone who not only helps you how make an improvement to your self-esteem but also has experienced low self-esteem herself. Someone who has found the way out of shame and into life through photography!

After that, it will be easier for you to push your self-love and get over your blockages – every day and without much effort!

My name is Ellen, I come from South Tyrol (Italy) and I’m a Fantasy & Alternative Wedding photographer.

With this post, I would like to give you some courage today! And talk about how (fantasy) photography helped me – and can also help you – to overcome the feeling of body-shame and improve your self-confidence.

Fantasy Self Portrait – Self-Esteem Boosting

We all had that time!

Ever since I entered puberty, my appearance has always stood in my way. Too fat, too many pimples, the hair does what it wants. My self-belief didn’t exist at all!

I was repeatedly asked about my appearance. Today, when I finally look the way I always wanted to, I still don’t fit in: I’m principally too thin for most people. This hurts my feelings and my self-confidence every time.
How many young girls and women got stupid statements about their looks?
Do you feel addressed? In this case: you are definitely NOT alone!


“You have to eat something, otherwise the wind will take you away”

“Your acne has gotten worse! You can’t eat Nutella anymore. ”

“You look emaciated! Did something happen?”

“You absolutely have to go to the doc, but your skin is really bad!”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

“Ugh, you have a huge pimple on your forehead today!”

“You only weigh 30 kg with clothes, don’t you?”

“You have to wash your face like this and this and this and use this and this product or else it won’t work”


Everything has been heard, and the list could go on forever!
If you read this post, you have probably had to deal with similar sayings yourself! And YES! It hurts! And I know it makes crash your self-esteem too!

I often cannot understand why people allow themselves to say what is “wrong” with you and what you have to do about it.

On the opposite, I would like to tell you now that you are totally fine! Even if you have pimples. Wow everyone has had at least one pimple before … unbelievable right?

Either If you have “too much” on your hips or if you have “too little” on it!

But I understand that sometimes you just feel totally uncomfortable and that it just does not help if others make you aware of your rough edges.

If I did something about it. You can also do something about it!

The obvious news for you: love yourself! The best news: you can learn it! NOPE, self-love is NOT selfish!

If you catch yourself thinking something bad about yourself or pulling yourself down, grab your best outfit, put on your makeup and take some nice selfies or self-portraits!

Yes, even with a smartphone, it doesn’t have to be a professional camera!

That’s how I started and never gave up my love for the self-confidence saviour: photography!

Through photography and weird make-ups, I just felt a lot better over time, and these still help me pull myself up on bad days. You can also feel more beautiful and better!

Here you can find a basic makeup tutorial that helped me a lot!

Now you get more self-esteem! You just have to start! 😀

So here I catapult you straight to the photo tips that I have put together for you and that you can implement sooooooooooo easily!

Tips for seductive smartphone selfies

1. Find a large, bright light source such as the window. The window creates a wonderfully soft lighting mood. The background often disappears in the dark. So all the attention of the picture is on you.


2. Avoid artificial light and direct, hard light like a lamp or flash. If you can’t help it, see that the light is at least indirect.

You can turn the lamp against a white wall. This creates a so-called soft light (similar to the window) and makes your face particularly pretty and conceals blemishes. Impurities are the worst self-confidence enemy – defeat them!


3. Take a photo while lying down! Often you look even more bombastic when lying down!

Because there you can lay the hair down nicely and the face looks even narrower and firmer. Yes, it works wonders! If you still stretch your chin and neck up while lying down, you will look magical. Photograph yourself from all angles you like! From the top, you look a little nicer. (Don’t overdo it).

Just play around and have fun!
If the light still comes from above your eye level, nothing will stand in your way!

With the right light, every selfie will be really good and – boom! – your self-esteem is back!

I recommend a slight smile and rather stay away from the duckface. You are most beautiful when you show your true smile. Think of something nice, it sounds stupid, but it matters a lot! To put yourself in a psychologically harmonious position will simply make you shine differently! The proof of the pudding is in the eating.. <3 😉

Insider tip:

Black and white selfies often look even better – especially if you have reddish blemishes like pimples. Before, when I couldn’t use Photoshop and Insta and Snapchat didn’t exist, I always used to do it.

Lying woman with curly hair - selfie for self esteem-boost

Nowadays there are smartphones that can do a little skin retouching. But don’t overdo it! That ruins the picture and makes you look totally unnatural.

As one photographer puts it: poor retouching is worse than a pimple.

My tip for the camera selfies

As for the light, the same applies as for smartphone selfies. If you have a camera, it’s best to take a tripod and zoom in on what it takes. Keep your fingers off the wide-angle, otherwise, the face, (especially the nose) can look strangely distorted and thick. That’s why very often people don’t understand why they look gorgeous in the mirror but not flattering at all in the self-portraits! This kind of frustration doesn’t help you feel better! For sake of self-confidence please just DON’T use the 18-55mm kit-lens at 18mm but at least at 50mm! – Thank you!

If the camera has the remote Wi-Fi or Bluetooth function with the smartphone, definitely use it.

Otherwise, you can set a timer and trigger for x times. Make sure you’re well focused too. It can be a bit more tricky with a timer than with a smartphone. With autofocus, however, it should work well with a few tries.

My tip from the heart:

Stand a little in front of the mirror and say out loud what you think is great about yourself. <3 It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personality or your appearance. Tell yourself something nice. Make yourself an honest compliment! Talk to yourself and listen! Do that! Help yourself reaching a new level of self-confidence! It may sound superfluous, but especially if you feel bad, you have to catch yourself and make sure that you feel good again in your skin! The hard truth is: until you can’t pull yourself up, the most honest compliment from anybody in the world won’t help. Nobody can give you more self-esteem than yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t convince anyone of you. And I know that you find something really great about yourself! 😉

Defend yourself with charm!

My everyday tip against random self-esteem crashers.

If you’ve got enough self-love, nobody will find the target to insult you! No, even if it is not meant to be evil. You decide who gets too close to you!

Does someone make you aware of your appearance and do you feel offended, attacked or just bad? Say that. Open. Honest. Kind. Nobody expects that. “Your comment just insulted / embarrassed / disliked / offended me. Please don’t do that anymore because it won’t help us.” Say this seriously and smile at the end. Always be friendly. Maybe this person didn’t want to intentionally insult or offend you. Don’t let everything please you in a very charming way. That person will keep something like that for himself next time. Hopefully with someone else. This strengthens your self-esteem without you having to finish someone off. People who have so much self-esteem and can defend themselves honestly but nicely just get through better.

Plain text is always better than long faces and bitterness. Reciprocally. In addition, you simply equalize this feeling of oppression. How well I know that feeling! And yes, I myself also have bad days! – YES! – We all have. I just want you to experience less of it.

It will always happen that you feel uncomfortable in your skin. No matter how confident you are. And that’s totally fine. <3

4 reasons why fantasy photography also puts your self-esteem in the fast lane


  1. Photography generally gives you more self-esteem. But fantasy photography takes it a step further! After all the tips for your everyday life, you can definitely escape and spice up yourself again! You can go far away from the people who are rushing you. From your job. From the world that does not let you blossom as you deserve it.

  2. You can be completely transformed and see yourself from a totally different perspective. No, you are not hiding behind a mask, but you have the opportunity to let out every one of your sides in wonderful, imaginative dresses!

  3. You can be shown exactly like fantasy heroes! Feel like them! Be one! How beautiful are you? And how cool is it to be a piece of art, please? Why on earth do you let yourself get down? Fantasy photography takes you to Wonderland. It brings you so much self-confidence, you can’t believe it before you try!

  4. You can really switch off from everyday life and enjoy being the center of attention. Yes, even if you don’t normally like that. With perfect make-up and unusual clothing creations, you simply feel totally special and beautiful. Yes, even if you are very shy. Your inner fantasy being will come out – I promise!

A very self-esteem-boosting photoshoot I’d recommend is definitely the Steampunk Themed Photoshoot! You don’t know what it is? Then read this blogpost: Photoshoot themes – Steampunk | What is it? And Why It’s Balm For Your Soul

A fascination that remains!

A fantasy shoot is an experience that you can remember again and again. What I always give my customers are prints. The bigger and nobler the better!

You should see how B.O.M.B.A.S.T.I.C. you are, and please remember EVERY DAY! Yes! The print is not old fashioned!


Prints are still cool in 2020. The bigger the better.

Fantasy Photo Box 

Fewer and fewer people print their pictures, and unfortunately, the digital ones go under somewhere on the PC or mobile phone. In the worst case, they are gone forever because at some point the cell phone blows itself away forever.

The prints will make your experience tangible! Seeing you on the wall every day reminds you every day how great you are, and that the models on the ads and the actresses in the movies are not that different from you. 🙂

I wish you much much much MUCH!!!! self-love, self-esteem and courage to get out of yourself. Every day. Strengthen yourself. Love yourself Did you find my tips helpful and exciting? Then why not shoot together!? Contact me now, and start planning your personal self-esteem boost here! Contact me!

With love, Ellen <3 🙂


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Kathleen Guérisse Fantasy Fashion Designer at work

Interview with Fantasy-Fashion Designer Kathleen Guérisse

Kathleen Guérisse is a young fantasy-fashion designer from Belgium. She’s an incredible artist, so let’s get to know her a little better with this interview.

Make sure to read until the end to get valuable sewing tips and inspiration too 🙂

Last year I had my first collaboration with a fantasy-fashion designer! Kathleen of Général Guérisse and we enjoyed a lot working together for the pleasure to get both: amazing pictures of her wonderful designs.

First of, let’s have an overview of you and your designer work!

Kathleen Guerisse in her Fantasy Creation

At which age did you start sewing, and what did drive you there?

I started sewing at the age of 18. Since I was a child, I love drawing every day. At the age of 15, I started to think: “what can I do as a job later with my passion of draw?” I made a list on a paper and I don’t know how it came, but I wrote “fashion designer” I never thought about that before!

During the following 3 years, I thought about that and I made sure it was my choice of studies.

At 18, I went to Brussels to follow 3 years of fashion designing with the old sewing machine of my passed away grandfather! I didn’t know how to sew but I was able to draw not that bad and I wanted to learn a lot!

You could have sewn anything, so why exactly fantasy-fashion?

During my studies, I was young. I didn’t think about what could be my identity in the fashion world. I was still searching who I was.

So I made my collection at the end of the year, the theme was of Hip-Hop! It is so far from what I am doing right now! But I still love Hip-Hop and I am wearing sportswear/Urbanwear style myself. Days after days, I made a research about the history of fashion so I can see what makes my heart beats. I was not a fan of minimalism, not at all!

I fell in love especially with the work of one fashion designer: John Galliano! All is wonderful: the clothes of course but the makeups, hairstyles… so extravagant and spectacular!

I wanted to take a little bit from him if I could. Obviously, I cannot be at this level because I work alone and the financial investment is not always possible.

“My goal is to bring dreams in this life because this is something everybody needs.” Kathleen Guérisse

Kathleen Guérisse at sewing on her creations

Do your creations run on catwalks? If yes, tell us more about!

The designs that are part of a collection do run on a catwalk yes!

I have the big luck to present my collection once a year at a big event: The Lux Fashion Week in Arlon.

I had the opportunity to show my work when this fashion event was created back in 2015. I was so nervous! I never did a real collection and I never took sewing courses (we, unfortunately, didn’t have sewing lessons at school) and I didn’t know how I would do it.

I was working full time as a manager assistant at a one hour’s drive from my home so the time was counted! In the end, I was so exhausted but it was a wonderful experience.

Each year I created a new collection for this event and it is thanks to this opportunity I started to be a little bit seen in my area! My Facebook page started to grow, grow and grow!

My collection is each year a big challenge for me, I know I have to work for 6 months non stop at nights and weekends but this feeling when your designs appear on the catwalk is unbelievable!!

Kathleen Guérisse on the catwalk with her creations at The Lux Fashion Week in Arlon.

How long does it take to design and sew one of your creations?

This is a question I was asked a lot of time but I cannot really answer! I work most of the time when I back from work depending on my energy I can work 4 hours or 1 and in the weekends, it already happened I sewed more than 30 hours in 2 days!! I never counted how long it took me so I cannot say and some of the designs are more time consuming than others.

How do you keep yourself inspired?

It is not difficult now with the internet to stay inspired: apps like Pinterest are really awesome! But I can be inspired by everything: a film, a piece of music, a landscape, but most of the time I am inspired by the fabric I will work with. And I have artists I like a lot that help me to stay creative: John Galliano of course, Tim Burton and a lot of artists I am following on Facebook.

Let’s carry on with inspiration about her “Kali-Dress” – My absolutely favourite one!

Kali-Dress of Kathleen Guérisse in the snow of the Dolomites | Photography der Sinne

Kathleen, where did your inspiration for the Kali-Dress come from?

My parents decided that at the age of 18, they will make a big travel together and I can choose the destination. My sister went to Indonesia and the other one to Nepal.

I have always dreamt to go to India to visit the Taj Mahal so this was my choice!

It was a wonderful experience! So wonderful that I went another time more to this country.

In India, most of the people are hinduists. Kali is the war/death goddess: she is dressed in red and gold with a black skin. Very terrifying!

I have kept the same colors for my designs and tried to turn it into something dramatic.

I took several and different styled pictures of this creation. What I love the most about is definitely that kind of futuristic charm of the dress. It could fit a princess of another, alien world.

When I look at Kathleen’s Instagram and Facebook feed, there are so many amazing photographers and models, and all we can pinpoint are the extraordinary ways her dresses are interpreted.

A model, a location, a photographer’s style can change pretty anything of a dress. It will always look slightly different and that’s so fascinating! So let’s have a look of the same Kali-Dress with different models and other photographers too!

First Picture by: Photographer: Axe Photography [Ruslan Bolgov] Model: Emilija Budginaitė MUAH: Ausra Agintaite Second Picture by: Photographer: Anjelica Hyde [Lucy Brown] Model: Miss Deadly Red Headpiece: @Revivify_2018 Third Picture by Photographer: Photography der Sinne Model: Martina Pizzinini MakeUp: Mendy Lezuo Fourth Picture by Photographer: Photography der Sinne Model & MakeUp: @helter.ske Fourth Picture, Model, Makeup by Photography der Sinne

We would love to hear why you love to collaborate with photographers across Europe too! Tell us what fascinates you the most about other artists. 🙂

I am really passionate about fashion and fairytales! I am so happy my work can travel and take part of beautiful projects. This is something amazing to connect with other creatives all around the world and if I can help a little bit to create dreamy things with my art, why not?

When it is the time to receive the final pictures after some waiting, I feel like a little girl so excited!!! I feel so blessed.

Maybe someone is wondering: Are you doing bespoke orders, wedding gowns or anything that’s not about fantasy-fashion?

I also make bespoke designs for customers (for wedding, a particular event,…) that I just show in pictures on my websites. I can work on classical projects too. What I like in bespoke orders more than the final designs is the contact with the customer. This is a real adventure!

To end this blog post, let us give some useful tips for cosplayers and larpers that want to start fantasy-fashion projects on their own.

Are there any books, guides or online-courses for dummies about (fantasy) sewing you could recommend?

Unfortunately, I won’t be a good help for that. I used to learn on my own by trying and trying again and again! When I started more than 10 years ago, the internet was not so easy to have and I didn’t take the habit to search on the web.

What “equipment” would you recommend to start sewing?

To start and maybe to first see if you like sewing, you will need a sewing machine (a second-hand one or a new one not too expensive/150-200 €), some needles, threads but for those, I will recommend buying a good mark like Gütermann to avoid some problems with your machine, some pieces of fabric to train yourself. It can be good to buy a book with easy projects or find tutorials on the internet. The main thing when you start is to sew, sew, sew every day even if you don’t succeed at the start.

From which part of a garment piece would you recommend starting?

I recommend starting with easier projects like a small bag for example!

Are there specific fabrics you recommend for starting?

The non-stretch & not too thin fabrics are easier like cotton.

Is there anything motivating you would say to anyone that starts sewing?

Never give up! I cannot count how many things I failed how many yards of fabrics I ruined! But I keep on sewing and days after days it goes better and better!

If Kathleen could excite some curiosity in you, you can visit her website http://www.generalguerisse.com/ and see more awesome creations or follow her on Instagram or Facebook too! Don’t forget that if her gowns inspire you, you can rent them for a real photoshoot to make your dreams come true! Just contact Kathleen or me, Photography der Sinne 🙂

Photo credits of Gallery :

Photographer: Sonja Saur Photography Model: Tuyet My MUA: Ann-Kathrin Benoist Photographer: Rhiannon Laite Photography Model: Heather-Rose Andrews Masque: Patine Noire Photographer: Pandemicum Photo Edit: Savra Photography Model: Asia Urzędowska Headpiece: Savra Headpieces Wig: Black Candy Fashion Photographer: Lucy Brown Model: Miss.Deadly.Red

Photographer: Emmaarian still.photography Model: Aryanne Morth MUA: Candy Gun – Makeup & Modeling Headpiece: Cyas Necklace: Martel & Enclume Photographer: Axe Photography [Ruslan Bolgov] Model/MUAH: Ausra Agintaite